Gillian Smith offers a fresh approach to planning your big day

  • Offering flexibility and choice

  • Listening to you, not preaching at you

  • Personalising your ceremony

  • Being open to different ideas, beliefs and cultures

  • Providing sample vows and readings

  • Having resources and tips for planning your ceremony

I like to break preparation for a wedding into four meetings. The procedure I like to follow is this.

You either meet me in my home in Christchurch or have a Skype meeting to see if we gel, to discuss what you want or don’t want, and ask questions.

Homework is given or emailed out, in the form of four questions, that I then use to create a meaningful ceremony that captures your unique essence as a couple. I personalise each ceremony so that the style and words are exactly right for you.

Another get together or Skype call is made to go over the draft ceremony, so there are no surprises on the day.

I arrive at the rehearsal and go through the setup, format and procedure of the ceremony, along with the wedding party, and any family or friends that you want there.

My preferred time for the rehearsal is the same time as your wedding, then I can position everyone according to where the sun will be and considers all aspects of what will work best.